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Monster Mobile® ScreenClean™ for Portable Electronics

Keep all your portable screens clean, clear, and free of germs and bacteria. Monster ScreenClean™ is specially formulated for portable screens and safely removes dust, dirt, grease, and smudges. The Monster Clean Cloth™ features antiMicrobial

Keep All Your Portable Devices Clean and Clear for the Best View

Portable electronics have become an important part of our lives. We use our cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, GPS and other devices all day, every day. While we're using them, the screens can become covered with fingerprints, dust, dirt, makeup, and food, making them difficult to read. Monster ScreenClean™ for Portable Electronics safely removes fingerprints, dirt and more without damaging screen coatings. Even better, the slim ergonomic bottle fits easily in your back pocket or bag, and the ultra-fine mist won’t drip or run.

Monster Clean Cloth with AEGIS™ AntiMicrobial Protection

Anytime you use your portable devices, oil and dirt from your fingers and face smudge the screen. All this grime can also attract harmful bacteria. The Monster Clean Cloth with AEGIS AntiMicrobial Protection clears away bacteria and germs that can transfer to your hands and face when touching your cell phone.

The Easy, Convenient Way to Clean Your Portable Screens

Monster ScreenClean for Portable Electronics comes in a convenient, 45 mL bottle. It's small for easy packing wherever you go but contains enough solution for approximately 800 sprays. A Monster Clean Cloth with antiMicrobial protection and an ultra-soft Microfiber cloth are included. Both cloths are specially designed to clean without scratching delicate screen coatings.