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HDMI Over Long Lengths

Consumers want to save space and hang their new high definition flatscreen TV on the wall. They also want to hide their gear for a clean, sophisticated look.". Of course, that means running longer HDMI™ cables in wall.

It's now not uncommon to find video components located 25, 50, and even 75 feet away from a TV. This means that data-intensive high definition video and audio must be transmitted over very long distances.

Unfortunately, HDMI™ cables were never designed for this purpose, and performance over long lengths is not specified in the HDMI™ standard. Therefore, highly advanced cable designs are required to meet the performance specifications of HDMI 1.3a, Category 2 and beyond over long lengths.

Monster® uses larger conductors, special winding techniques, and low-loss dielectrics (conductor insulators) to maintain high performance High Definition Multimedia Interface data integrity over long lengths. Monster® construction and technology allows for some of the longest cable lengths available. In addition, with Monster®'s special cable balancing networks hundreds of feet of cable are now available. Best of all, Monster®'s HDMI™ cables are UL CL rated, so they can be run in walls -- a must for flat-screens that hang on the wall.