Power Center Vertex

Surge protection that’s anything but ordinary.

Power Center Vertex

Surge protection that’s anything but ordinary.

Finally, a surge protector you'll actually care about.

Power Center Vertex is the first and only surge protector that protects your devices, enhances your life, and boosts productivity.
Tangle-free, double-braided nylon cord

foot double-braided, nylon-wrapped cord means you can place your Vertex in any space without bringing down the design of your home. The cord will never tangle, and the beautiful fabric wrapping adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Extendable magnetic power hub

USB ports in a brilliantly designed power hub that can attach to virtually any surface with the included magnetic plate. Free up valuable space on your desk or add a fast-charging USB-C outlet to an area in your home you never dreamed of having one.

Extraordinary surge protection

Joules of protection means your devices can survive even the most unpredictable electrical disasters. Rest easy knowing that you're giving your equipment the protection it deserves.

Meet The Hub.

An extendable magnetic USB hub that detaches from Power Center Vertex and extends up to six feet. You can even snap it to a surface with the included magnetic plate. It's the perfect complement to any space.
Because you deserve better than cheap plastic.

Crafted from finest materials that can house a surge protector, every component of Power Center Vertex is built with an eye for design and
a heart for performance.

Its surface is a smooth, organic texture that
feels luxurious in the hands and looks beautiful
in its space. The device radiates luxury, from it's rounded corners to rewarding switch and LED lights.

A cord you won't want to cut.

Wrapped in a beautifully double-braided nylon fabric, this cord is protected against damage from everyday use, accidental spills, and vacuums. It can't tangle, and its brilliantly colorful sheen adds an element of luxury to any space. For the first time, you may actually enjoy looking at a cable.

Stay connected. Stay productive.

With six grounded AC outlets and the magnetic USB hub, you won't have to worry about swapping out plugs or cables throughout the day.

You'll have enough ports to keep the flow going, stay productive, and be creative. Plus, your workspace will look smarter and sleeker, as Power Center Vertex fits beautifully into any space.

A surge protector that looks as good as it protects.

Make no mistake. Power Center Vertex is, without a doubt, the best looking surge protector ever created. We designed it to complement designer furniture in luxury homes and premium equipment in modern offices.

Your power, your style.

Available in Brilliant Black and Stunning White, Power Center Vertex brings elegance and taste to any space. Both color options come with their own version of the nylon-wrapped and double-braided Vertex Cord. Whatever color you choose, Power Center Vertex sets the standard for what power management should look like.

3,000 joules of protection.

Power Center Vertex is built to defend your devices from even the most unexpected and rarest of electrical surges.

Breathe easy. We'll take it from here.

Power Center Vertex

An elite surge protector with an extendable USB power hub.


Power up to 6 devices with grounded AC outlets that deliver extreme power.


The 4-foot detachable magnetic hub includes 2 ultra-reliable USB-A ports and a lightning-fast USB-C
power delivery port.


The cord will always be in reach and is wrapped in a beautiful double-braided nylon fabric that protects
it from everyday damage and spills.


Fit the plug virtually anywhere because of its slim and sleek design.


Your devices will always be protected with 3,000 Joules that absorb immense amounts of energy.


Should any device fail while connected, Monster will replace its value up to $200,000.

Power Center Vertex

Surge protection that's anything
but ordinary.