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Monster Audio

Blaster 3.0



Blaster 3.0 is a revolutionary portable boombox that delivers breathtaking sound, phenomenal bass, water resistance, and extraordinary battery life all in one lightweight, stunning design.

• Wireless Bluetooth Streaming with NFC Pairing

• 120 Watts of Pure Monster Sound

• Power Bass with 60 Watt-Powered Woofer

• Environment EQ Mode

• IPX5 Water Resistant

• USB-A Charge Out for Your Mobile Device

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Technical specifications
Warranty information
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Blaster 3.0
Box contents
Monster Blaster 3.0 Speaker
AC Adaptor with Power Cable
1 x User Manual
Technical Specifications
General specification
  • <spec>Model No.:<spec> <spec-value>Monster Blaster 3.0<spec-value>
  • <spec>Transducers:<spec> <spec-value>4 x 57.15 mm full-range active drivers/1 x 146.05 mm active woofer<spec-value>
  • <spec>Rated output power:<spec> <spec-value>4 x 15w full-range active drivers, 1 x 60w active woofer <spec-value>
  • <spec>Power input:<spec> <spec-value>18V/3.5A  <spec-value>
  • <spec>Frequency response:<spec> <spec-value>80Hz - 15KHz<spec-value>
  • <spec>Signal-to-noise ratio:<spec> <spec-value>> 65dB <spec-value>
  • <spec>Battery type:<spec> <spec-value>Li-ion 5,200mAh <spec-value>
  • <spec>Battery charge time:<spec> <spec-value>6.5 hours<spec-value>
  • <spec>Music playtime:<spec> <spec-value>up to 12 hours (dependent on volume level and audio content)<spec-value>
  • <spec>Connection ports:<spec> <spec-value>stereo 3.5mm Aux input, mono 3.5mm Mic input<spec-value>
WIRELESS charging
USB specification
  • <spec>USB-A output:<spec> <spec-value>5V/2.0A<spec-value>
Wireless specification
  • <spec>Bluetooth® version:<spec> <spec-value>5.1<spec-value>
  • <spec>Bluetooth® profile:<spec> <spec-value>HSP 1.1, HFP 1.5, 1.6, AVRCP 1.2, GAVDP (A2DP 1.2, VDP)<spec-value>
  • <spec>Bluetooth® transmitter modulation:<spec> <spec-value>GFSK<spec-value>
  • <spec>Bluetooth® transmitter power:<spec> <spec-value>+3dBm (1.42mW)<spec-value>
  • <spec>NFC pairing for Android devices<spec>
  • <spec>Bluetooth® transmitter frequency range:<spec> <spec-value>____<spec-value>
  • <spec>2.4GHz SRD frequency range:<spec> <spec-value>____<spec-value>
  • <spec>SRD transmitter power:<spec> <spec-value>____<spec-value>
  • <spec>Dimensions:<spec> <spec-value>H x W x D: 18.6 x 8.27 x 7.72 (inches); Weight: 12.95 lbs<spec-value>
Earphone MIC parameters

Power anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

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A Closer Look At

Blaster 3.0

Explosive Sound That Will Move You

Seven speakers and a subwoofer work to blast out 120 watts of pure Monster sound delivering an incredible force of musical energy. The Environment EQ Mode included adapts to your surroundings and gives you extreme loudness and clarity wherever you are.

Bring It Anywhere

The built-in handle and lightweight construction make carrying Blaster 3.0 a breeze, so you can bring the speaker wherever life takes you.

Survive The Elements

Don’t let rain stop the party. IPX5 Water Resistance makes Blaster 3.0 perfect for indoor and outdoor use and for any weather condition that comes your way.

Bass That Will Rock You

Get the party started with the studio-quality Power Bass: an integrated 60 watt-powered woofer that delivers an immersive, mesmerizing sound that everyone can feel.

Praise for

Blaster 3.0

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5.0 (42)
Jordan Reyna
5 stars
Never seen a speaker look so cool! It looks even better in real life than in the pictures. Also with its superior sound quality I couldn't ask for more from a speaker.
Julia Mayer
5 stars
The blaster is the best boombox I've ever had. The bass is just exceptional and it makes my music sound so much better.
Sarah Davila
5 stars
Now I know why it's call Blaster. This thing is a party.
Zach Hull
5 stars
SO awesome! The Blaster plays music loud enough to fill an entire house so it's perfect for parties.
Victor Levi
5 stars
I bought Blaster 3.0 for my son in red and he absolutely loved it. I got this speaker specifically for the Environment EQ Mode because he loves playing his music while practicing for sports and the speaker really sounds amazing outdoors.
Blake Hickman
5 stars
The Blaster is sick. It stands out as a cool speaker. If there's one word to describe it - loud.
James Combs
5 stars
Better than JBL. Cooler. More unique.
Abagail Lester
5 stars
Sick boombox ngl
Scott Flynn
5 stars
I honestly can't recommend Blaster enough. The sound quality is tight, design is top. Friends are jealous.
Brendan Llyod
5 stars
LOUD! Like me. Exactly what I wanted lol.

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