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DNA Fit are incredibly comfortable True Wireless earbuds with advanced features and a wireless charging case.

• Active Noise Cancellation

• IPX5 Water Resistance

• aptX Lossless Audio

• Transparency Mode

• High-Speed Qi Wireless Charging Case

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Technical specifications
Warranty information
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Box contents
Monster DNA Fit
12 pairs of eartips
4 foot USB C Charging cable with USB A adapter
1 x User Manual
Technical Specifications
General specification
  • <spec>Model No.:<spec> <spec-value>Monster DNA Fit<spec-value>
  • <spec>Transducers:<spec> <spec-value>13mm loudspeaker<spec-value>
  • <spec>Rated output power:<spec> <spec-value>100mW<spec-value>
  • <spec>Output:<spec> <spec-value>100Hz:126±3dBSPL; 1kHz:123±3dBSPL<spec-value>
  • <spec>Frequency response:<spec> <spec-value>20Hz - 20KHz<spec-value>
  • <spec>Case Battery:<spec> <spec-value>500mAh<spec-value>
  • <spec>Case Battery charge time:<spec> <spec-value>2 hours<spec-value>
  • <spec>Earbud Battery:<spec> <spec-value>50mAh in each side<spec-value>
  • <spec>Earbud Battery charge time:<spec> <spec-value>1.2 hours<spec-value>
  • <spec>Music playtime:<spec> <spec-value>up to 8 hours (dependent on volume level and audio content)<spec-value>
WIRELESS charging
  • <spec>Case receiving coil:<spec> <spec-value>Qi standard<spec-value>
USB specification
  • <spec>USB-C input:<spec> <spec-value>DC5V<spec-value>
  • <spec>Charging Current:<spec> <spec-value>400mA±30mA<spec-value>
Wireless specification
  • <spec>Bluetooth® version:<spec> <spec-value>5.2<spec-value>
  • <spec>Bluetooth® profile:<spec> <spec-value>HSP、HFP、A2DP、AVRCP<spec-value>
  • <spec>Audio sampling accuracy:<spec> <spec-value>24bits<spec-value>
  • <spec>Audio sampling rate:<spec> <spec-value>16kHz,32kHz,44.1kHz,48 kHz,96 kHz,192 kHz<spec-value>
  • <spec>Bluetooth® transmitter power:<spec> <spec-value>10dBm<spec-value>
  • <spec>Bluetooth® transmitter frequency range:<spec> <spec-value>2.40ghz ~ 2.48ghz<spec-value>
  • <spec>Earbud Dimensions:<spec> <spec-value>51.7 mm x 41.2mm x 22.5mm; Weight: 9.35g<spec-value>
  • <spec>Case Dimensions:<spec> <spec-value>135.5mm x 58.2mm x 34.2mm; Weight:118.6g<spec-value>
Earphone MIC parameters
  • <spec>MIC Function:<spec> <spec-value>Three MEMS(ANC version)<spec-value>      ​
  • <spec>MIC Type:<spec> <spec-value>MEMS<spec-value>
  • <spec>MIC sensitivity:<spec> <spec-value>-42±1dB<spec-value>
  • <spec>SPL:<spec> <spec-value>130dB<spec-value>

Power anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

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A Closer Look At


Achieve Complete Concentration

Embrace extreme focus with Active Noise Cancellation. Six built-in microphones cancel out the noise around you for an immersive listening experience. Switch to Transparency Mode to hear the outside world while simultaneously listening to music.

A Battery Life That Won't Interrupt Your Focus

Don’t let the music stop. With an extensive 9 hours of playing time, and 24 hours of battery life with the case, DNA Fit will withstand the test of time. 

Get Lost In Your Music

aptX Lossless Audio replicates the entire frequency range of your music, reproducing pure Monster sound and helping you hear everything as the artist intended.

A Case That Goes Above & Beyond

Wrapped in a gorgeous mesh nylon fabric weave, DNA Fit’s luxurious case is so slim, it can easily slip into your pocket and fit virtually anywhere.

Praise for


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5.0 (42)
Michaela Connor
5 stars
Honestly so comfortable. Very happy with the purchase. I don't even need to turn on the ANC because the secure fit blocks out most of the noise.
Sam Thompson
5 stars
These are so much better than airpods because not only is the audio quality and noise cancellation better, but they don't constantly fall out of my ears. I can finally fall alseep on a plane listening to music and not worry about my earbuds falling out.
Joe Moran
5 stars
I swear these are better than powerbeats Pro, the sound quality is soo good and they look sick.
Sean Becker
5 stars
Highly recommend DNA Fit, they are perfect for running and the noise cancellation is really amazing technology.
Chris Rivera
5 stars
I bought these instead of Beats Fit and I'm happy. They're super comfortable and sound amazing.
Natalie Abbott
5 stars
Absolutely love, perfect for running! I got 3 more pairs for each of my kids because I love them so much! I've never had earbuds that deliver the extremely clear sound quality that these do.
Eliza Cortes
5 stars
DNA Fit are really high quality earbuds.
Mason Tucker
5 stars
I am so impressed by the noise cancelling feature in these small earbuds, it really does the trick and I can barely hear any outside noise.
Calista Tang
5 stars
Extremely comfortable.
Gloria Rollins
5 stars
Thank you Monster for creating earbuds that can fit any ears. I was pleasently surprised to find 12 extra pairs or eartips included so I could find the perfect fit for my ears. Really exceptional quality, I can't say enough good things about these earbuds.

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