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Monster Power

Power Center Vertex



Power Center Vertex is an elite surge protector with an extendable USB power hub.

• 3,000 Joule Rating

• 6 Grounded AC Outlets

• 4-Foot Detachable Magnetic USB Hub

• 2 USB-A Ports and USB-C Port

• Spill-Proof Cord with Combined Reach of 10 Feet

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Technical specifications
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Power Center Vertex
Box contents
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Technical Specifications
General specification
  • <spec>Product Name:<spec><spec-value>Monster Power Center Vertex<spec-value>
  • <spec>Joule Rating:<spec><spec-value>3,000<spec-value>
  • <spec>AC Outlets:<spec><spec-value>x6<spec-value>
  • <spec>USB-A Port:<spec><spec-value>x2 USB-A: 2.4 A<spec-value>
  • <spec>USB-C Port:<spec><spec-value>x1 USB-C: 20 W<spec-value>
  • <spec>Combined Reach:<spec><spec-value>10 Feet<spec-value>
  • <spec>Connected Equipment Guarantee:<spec><spec-value>$200,000<spec-value>
WIRELESS charging
USB specification
Wireless specification
Earphone MIC parameters

Power anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

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A Closer Look At

Power Center Vertex

Extraordinary Power & Protection

With a 3,000 Joule Rating, Power Center Vertex can absorb immense amounts of energy and will provide ultimate protection for your devices. 6 Grounded AC Outlets are included to provide extreme power.

Customize Your Space

Magnetically mount the detachable USB charging hub on virtually any surface. The hub features 2 ultra-reliable USB-A ports and a rapid USB-C Power Delivery port.

Beautiful Design Worthy of Your Space

With a brilliantly engineered design, Power Center Vertex was expertly crafted to be the most beautiful surge protector and look stunning in any room it is placed in.

A (virtually) Indestructible Cord

The extremely durable power cord has a combined reach of 8 feet and is wrapped in beautiful double-braided nylon fabric that protects it from everyday damage and spills.

Praise for

Power Center Vertex

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5.0 (42)
Edythe Parkinson
5 stars
This thing really has it all. It charges and protects my devices but also has an amazing USB hub that I attach to my desk to charge my phone.
Anselm Ilbert
5 stars
Monster took surge protectors to the next level with this. It looks incredible and gets the job done
Everett Beck
5 stars
The most beautiful surge protector out there. It's definetly worth the price because of how luxurious it looks.
Rick Hutchinson
5 stars
I got multiple of these for my employees because of how sleek they look and they love them. They really bring our office to a new level and are so handy for computers and phones.
Brynne Barnett
5 stars
I love the magnetic USB Hub! I hated having to reach down to plug in my phone at my desk at home but now with the USB hub sitting on my desk, I can charge my phone super easily.
Aryana Wilcox
5 stars
I love how it lights up. Looks very sleek. Worth the price compared to cheap alternatives.
Erykah Walterson
5 stars
This is the best surger protector I've ever owned. Exceptional performance and style.
Karlee Underwood
5 stars
I'm in love with this power vertex. The extra features are a luxury yes, but they're worth the price.
Hunter Bourke
5 stars
Great surge protector and specifically I really like the cord that is so easy to move and the plug that is so thin and fits behind my sofa perfectly.
Page Oliver
5 stars
Honestly, I wasn't sure about this. I can say now that I love it.

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