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Power Shield



Power Shield is a moveable power outlet that brings power to hard to reach places.

• 2 Grounded AC Outlets

• 3 Ultra-Reliable USB-A Ports

• Lightning-Fast USB-C Port

• 6 Foot Double Braided Nylon Cord

• Powerful Rare Earth Magnetic Plate

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Technical specifications
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Power Shield
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Technical Specifications
General specification
  • <spec>Product Name:<spec><spec-value>Monster Power Shield<spec-value>
  • <spec>AC Outlets:<spec><spec-value>x2<spec-value>
  • <spec>USB-A Port:<spec><spec-value>x3 USB-A: 3.4 A<spec-value>
  • <spec>USB-C Port:<spec><spec-value>x1 USB-C: 20 W<spec-value>
  • <spec>Combined Reach:<spec><spec-value>6 Feet<spec-value>
  • <spec>Mounting Type:<spec><spec-value>Magnetic<spec-value>
WIRELESS charging
USB specification
Wireless specification
Earphone MIC parameters

Power anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

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A Closer Look At

Power Shield

Create An Outlet Wherever You Need One

Attach Power Shield to your wall with the rare Earth magnet that keeps it securely mounted to its surface with a flush, built-in look.

Beautiful In Any Space

State-of-the-art design and beautiful construction enable Power Shield to perfectly compliment any setting it is placed in.

USB For Your Smart Devices

Power Shield is fully equipped with 3 ultra-reliable USB-A ports that automatically deliver a rapid charging speed up to 3.4A total, and a lightning-fast USB-C Power Delivery that charges devices up to 2.5x faster with 20W output.

Extraordinary Power

Power up to 2 devices with grounded AC outlets that immediately deliver extraordinary performance, 24/7.

Praise for

Power Shield

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5.0 (42)
Rob Connor
5 stars
The Power Shield is really useful for me. I only have one outlet in my living room and it's behind my sofa, so this was perfect to make a power outlet where I need one.
Philip Sherman
5 stars
Monster was thinking out of the box when they made this, unbelievable quality for a plug and great technology.
Ann Wang
5 stars
Perfect for my desk set up at home! I really like that it doesn't stand out and it belnd seamlessly into my wall.
Debra Howell
5 stars
This is amazing. I can charge so many devices at once and I love the USB ports, I just wish that they were all USB-C ports instead of just 1 USB-C and 3 USB-A.
Liam Espinoza
5 stars
Power Shield is one of the greatest things I purchased this month. I have 3 for my apartment in places that I need outlets.
Dennis Kelly
5 stars
Looks great. Works as promised. Satisfied.
Declan Carlson
5 stars
Love this thing. Works great to provide me with a power outlet that is accessible and right next to my bed instead of in a hard to reach place.
Preston Bowers
5 stars
I don't know how I ever lived without this nifty thing. Makes plugging any of my devices the easiest experience ever.
Isabel Rios
5 stars
Pleasantly surprised. Was sort of expecting a let down. Worth the hype. Solved my problem with reaching outlets in the living room and looks cool. I like the green LED light.
Alyssa Foley
5 stars
I really liked it. Will be keeping it!

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