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Monster Power

Power Shield XL



Power Shield XL is a moveable power outlet that brings power and protection to hard-to-reach places.

• 4 Grounded AC Outlets

• 2 Ultra-Reliable USB-A Ports

• 540 Joule Rating

• 6 Foot Spill-Proof Cord

• Powerful Rare Earth Magnetic Plate

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Technical specifications
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Power Shield XL
Box contents
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Technical Specifications
General specification
  • <spec>Product Name:<spec><spec-value>Monster Power Shield XL<spec-value>
  • <spec>Joule Rating:<spec><spec-value>540<spec-value>
  • <spec>AC Outlets:<spec><spec-value>x4<spec-value>
  • <spec>USB-A Port:<spec><spec-value>x2 USB-A: 3.4 A<spec-value>
  • <spec>Combined Reach:<spec><spec-value>6 Feet<spec-value>
  • <spec>Connected Equipment Guarantee:<spec><spec-value>$50,000<spec-value>
  • <spec>Mounting Type:<spec><spec-value>Magnetic<spec-value>
WIRELESS charging
USB specification
Wireless specification
Earphone MIC parameters

Power anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

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A Closer Look At

Power Shield XL

Create An Outlet Wherever You Need One

Attach Power Shield XL to your wall with the rare Earth magnet that keeps it securely mounted to its surface with a flush, built-in look.

Beautiful In Any Space

State-of-the-art design and beautiful construction enable Power Shield XL to perfectly compliment any setting it is placed in.

USB For Your Smart Devices

Power Shield XL is fully equipped with 2 ultra-reliable USB-A ports that automatically deliver a rapid charging speed up to 3.4A total.

Extraordinary Surge Protection

Power and protect up to 4 devices with grounded AC outlets that provide extreme protection with 540 Joules and immediately deliver extraordinary performance, 24/7.

Praise for

Power Shield XL

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5.0 (42)
Sophie Stafford
5 stars
Perfect for kids dorming at college! My daughter is dorming with another girl and each only have one outlet, with my daughter's being behind the dresser they provided, making it very hard to reach. However, Power Shield XL came in handy and now my daughter has an outlet right next to her bed!
Tracy Cortes
5 stars
Monster, you did it again. Every product I have from Monster is exceptional and this is no exception. Beautifully crafted and looks luxurious in my room.
Will Pugh
5 stars
Amazing quality product, love the addition of the USB outlets. Perfect to charge my phone and computer at the same time.
Spencer Dweck
5 stars
An outlet has never looked so good! Absolutely love it.
Emma Stuart
5 stars
Worth it.
Ethan Greene
5 stars
Power Shield XL works great and it gives me peace of mind knowing that it also protects my devices in case of surge. Wish it were a little less expensive though.
Walter Payne
5 stars
Get your hands on this epic device! Not only does it give amazing power and protecion but the quality of the material is just outstanding for a surge protector.
Matt Santiago
5 stars
Having outlets behind sofas and other furniture is my ultimate pet peeve and this contraption completely solves that problem and looks amazing too.
Laurie Harper
5 stars
I need one of these in every room. The magnetic plate is amazingly secure and the installation process was so easy.
Josh Barrett
5 stars
Very nice. As an apartment renter putting holes in my walls is not an option so this is the perfect solution and it solved my messy cord situation.

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