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CleanTouch Screen Cleaner for Touchscreens

We take them to the gym, touch them constantly, and hold them up to our faces. Even if it looks clean, your smartphone, tablet, or other touchscreen is likely teeming with all sorts of nasty pathogens. CleanTouch™screen cleaner protects against micr

Minimizes Germs and Bacterial* Growth

Let’s face it, touchscreens are cesspools of bacteria and pathogens that can easily spread to your hands and face and actually cause illness. The Monster Clean Cloth™ with antimicrobial AEGIS™ technology protects against microbial growth, keeping your devices one step beyond clean.

Clean Safely with No-Drip Gel

CleanTouch™ screen cleaner’s specially formulated no-drip gel means liquid powers through dirt, dust, smudges, and fingerprints without oozing into sensitive electronics. Minus alcohol and ammonia, it’s gentle on delicate touchscreen coatings.

No More Oily Fingerprints

Keep your screen clean longer with CleanTouch™’s microthin coating that resists scratches and fingerprint buildup. Polymers in CleanTouch™ adhere to the touchscreen and prevent smudges from attaching, making screen cleanings fewer and far between.

The Jetsetter’s Dream

Jetsetters rest easy. The CleanTouch™ super-slim 20mL bottle fits easily in a bag, purse, or carry-on and is TSA-compliant. A handy carrying pouch includes the screen clean solution, along with a 6" x 6" microfiber Clean Cloth™. Take it wherever your travels take you.

Works on Any Screen

While specifically designed to keep sensitive touchscreens spick-and-span and protect against microbial growth, CleanTouch™ can be safely used on any LCD screen, including TVs, laptops, monitors, and more. 

20 ml bottle of CleanTouch™
1 6” x 6” microfiber Clean Cloth™
Monster© Products Carry Pouch

Ships Internationally

*Killed 99.9% of odor-causing, stain-causing, and surface-deteriorating bacteria in controlled lab tests.