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Core Power® 1200 AV Surge Protector

The Monster Core Power® 1200 AV Power Surge Protector has twelve protected AC outlets plus dual coaxial connections to protect your cable, satellite, or antenna lines. With exclusive Fireproof technology, you can rest easy that your home, family, and equipment are all safe.

Monster® Power Protects Your Home and Family with Fireproof Technology
Power surges can be serious. Not only could you lose your home entertainment system and home office electronics -- you could lose your home. Standard surge protectors account for 37% of all home electrical fires. Protect your electronics from storms and surges with Monster Power. Only Monster has Fireproof MOV™ Technology that protects more than just your electronics, but also your home and family. The Core Power 1200 Surge Protector features 2160 Joules of protection. 

Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

You've made a serious investment in your home entertainment system, not to mention your home. One or both can be wiped out in an instant. At a minimum, a surge can reduce the lifespan of your electronic equipment. Sending a sudden jolt of electricity, it can easily short out--destroying all in the process. Our Connected Equipment Warranty offers

$300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty when purchased by an authorized reseller. The covers any device connected to the 1200 that is damaged due to negative power conditions, including antenna, satellite, and cable connected to either of the coaxial inputs.

Better Sound and Picture 

The power in your home is subject to interference or noise that can be seen and heard on your system. Monster Power surge protectors include Clean Power® technology to help ensure that your components perform at peak levels. EMI/RFI Filtration mean better sound and better picture.