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iClean™ Screen Cleaner See Things Clearly

Get your screen clean and reveal its true brilliance with iClean alcohol- and ammonia-free screen cleaner. Use it with included no-scratch MicroFiber™ cloth(s) to gently and effectively remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints from computers and portable

See More, Enjoy More
With iClean screen clean, your devices never looked so good. Wipe away dirt, dust, and fingerprints on your computer or portable device and watch as graphics, images, games, and video instantly come to life.

Safe and Scratch-Free
The included, nonabrasive, reusable MicroFiber™ cloth(s) get your screen clean, gently polishing away grime. With no alcohol or ammonia, iClean™ won’t damage treated surfaces*. A special polymer protects screens after use and reduces dust-attracting static electricity.

Stays Where You Spray
Unlike other screen cleaners, iClean's liquid gel stays where you spray it without dripping into sensitive electronics—an absolute must to avoid damage.

*Caution: Keep away from children. To prevent potential damage, be sure iClean is compatible with your product/display before using. If the product you are cleaning requires soap and water only, do not use iClean.

Family Size includes one large bottle (200ml) and two MicroFiber™ cloths,
Travel Size includes two smaller (45ml) bottles and one MicroFiber™ cloth

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