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Monster Cable Multi-Speaker Selector SS-4

Get The Performance You Paid For
With Monster’s® Cable Speaker Selector, you'll be able to enjoy music anywhere in the house, while protecting your amplifier from damage and maximizing the performance of your entire music sy

Monster® Cable Multi-Speaker Selector SS-4.

Performance, Convenience and Amplifier Protection
This impedance-matched circuitry maximizes high power amplifier performance and allows you to safely use up to four speaker pairs simultaneously without overloading or damaging your amplifier.

Peak Power from Even Mega-Powerful Amplifiers
Non-inductive 50 watt resistors with aluminum finned heat sinks are designed to deliver - up to 150 watts per channel. Precision-crafted resistors improve frequency response for fuller, more three-dimensional music reproduction. Accepts any gauge speaker cable terminated with Monster® Angled Gold Pin® connectors. 24k gold contact spring-loaded connectors mean maximum signal transfer and easy cable hookup.