Monster CableLinks™ Y-Adapters

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Monster® CableLinks™ adapters and couplers are different from ordinary adapters because we use high-performance Monster Cable® inside, plus extra shielding to keep RF and EMI noise out. That helps make your Monster Cabl

Monster® CableLinks™ Maximize Signal Transfer for Superb, Long-Lasting Pro Audio, Home Theater and Multimedia Performance when Interconnecting Different Connector Types
When a direct, single-cable connection from one piece of equipment to another is not practical due to varying connector types and hookup needs, Monster CableLinks provide the best way to adapt from one type of connector to another, or to feed a single output source signal into multiple inputs.

"A signal chain is only as strong as its weakest link," says Noel Lee, The Head Monster. "Monster CableLinks adapters are designed to be the strongest links. They maximize signal and minimize noise for the best possible performance from your equipment. For years our customers have asked us for adapters that are built with the same attention to performance as our cables. Now, we're proud to offer Monster CableLinks adapters so that musicians, DJs, home theater builders, video enthusiasts, audiophiles and studio engineers can hook up their gear with the confidence that they're getting maximum performance and maximum durability."

Advanced Adapters and Couplers Protect Signal Integrity and Minimize Noise for Project Studio, Home Entertainment and Professional Applications
Built for long-life, worry-free reliability, exclusive Monster CableLinks adapter features include die cast barrel, molded cable strain relief, protective shielding to block out RF and electrical/electromagnetic interference (EMI), and 24k gold plated connectors to minimize corrosion that turns clean connections into noisy ones over time. Cable-type adapters incorporate Monster Cable P500 instrument cable to further ensure signal integrity.

Choose Monster CableLinks for Superior Performance from all Your Adapter and Coupler Connections
Monster CableLinks adapters enable musicians, consumers, enthusiasts and professionals to confidently interconnect between many different connector types, including XLR, RCA phono, mono and stereo 1/8" mini plug, 1/4" mono and stereo phone plugs, MIDI, and banana.

Choose the Monster CableLink that's right for each application, depending on connector type:

Monster CableLinks Couplers link two identical connectors (example: RCA phono female to RCA phono female).

Monster CableLinks Adapters link two different connector types (example: RCA phono female to 1/4" male).

Monster CableLinks Y-Adapters link one source to multiple destinations (example: RCA female to two RCA male phono plugs).

All feature Monsterous™ construction, ensuring the best possible adapter performance. Get your Monster CableLinks today for the ultimate connections!