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Monster Essentials 600 AV Surge Protector

Monster® Power Protects Your Gear
Power surges can be serious. Protect your electronics from storms and surges with Monster Power. The 6-outlet 600 Surge Protector features 720 Joules of power protection. You won’t find a better value than Monster Essentials.

Prolong the Life of Your Equipment
You've made a serious investment in your home entertainment system, and surges can reduce the lifespan of your electronic equipment. Sending a sudden jolt of electricity, it can easily short out--destroying all in the process. Not only do we prevent that from happening, we put our money where our mouth is. Our Connected Equipment Warranty offers $50,000 worth of coverage for any device connected to the 600 that is damaged due to negative power conditions. 

Convenient Features
A heavy-duty 4-foot power cord is included, and a protection “on” indicator tells you when the 600 surge protector is doing its job. Use 600 surge protectors for HDTV, Game Consoles, DVD/Blu-Ray™, PC/Latops, Cable TV/SAT, TiVo®/DVR or anything with a plug, and rest easy that Monster Power won’t let power spikes destroy your AV gear.