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Monster XPHP Clear Jacket – Compact Speaker Cable MKII

Monster’s Advanced speaker cable is engineered to connect high-resolution loudspeakers to audio/video and home theater systems. Unlike other cables of this size and price, Monster XPHP features Time Correct® windings


A new level of performance in an affordably priced cable
Monster XPHP advanceed speaker cable achieves a new level of performance in a cable of this size and price. Using Monster's patented cable technologies in a low cost design, XPHP delivers outstanding sonic performance for use with today's moderately-priced high-resolution loudspeakers and home theater systems.

Time Correct® windings and Magnetic Flux Tube® Construction for Enhanced Sonic Performance
Using patented Magnetic Flux Tube construction, Monster XPHP advanced speaker cable controls distortion-producing magnetic fields for smooth, natural reproduction of the music. Unlike ordinary cables of this size and price, Monster XPHP uses Time Correct windings for more accurate transfer of the signal as it travels down the wire. This results in extended high and low frequency response, improved imaging, and deep, tight bass. A Special LPE (Linear Polyethylene) dielectric insulation reduces signal loss for greater overall clarity in the music.

Flexible, Round Jacket for Easy Installation
Monster XPHP advanced speaker cable features a unique round shape that's extremely flexible for easy handling and installation. And our UV stabilized DuraFlex® jacketing is abrasion and chemical resistant to keep the cable looking as good as it sounds.

Monsterize your entire sound system
By connecting your speakers with Monster XPHP advanced speaker cable, your system will deliver a higher level of performance with greater clarity, deep tight bass, improved imaging and greater dynamic range.

• Monster’s Time Correct® windings for accurate music reproduction.
• Magnetic Flux Tube® construction for maximum bass response and more natural sound.
• LPE dielectric for greater overall clarity.
• Unique round shape and smooth, flexible jacket for easy installation