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Twist Crimp Toolless Speaker Cable Connectors Angled Gold Pins

Audiophile-quality connectors for your speaker cables, featuring 24k gold contacts for maximum signal transfer and enhanced clarity and detail. Get easy, tool-free installation and your choice of pins or banana plugs to match almost any speaker, amplifier

Connectors That Sound Better
Monster Cable® Twist Crimp® connectors provide an audiophile-quality termination to your speaker cable, plus the ease and convenience of tool-free installation. Featuring 24k gold contacts for maximum signal transfer, they help ensure your audio always has optimum clarity and detail. Plus, if you ever upgrade your cable, they’re easy to remove and reuse. Select from a variety of connector options, attachable to almost any amplifier, receiver, or speaker.

Available in your choice of Angled Gold Pins, standard Banana, or mini-size Banana plugs.